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We offer Boxercise classes in the fresh outdoors for 6 months over the summer and indoors for the colder 6 months of the year in 2 Sheffield locations!

Our classes are perfect for anyone who struggles to achieve results with a gym membership, either due to lack of support, motivation or accountability.

With the support from our fully trained instructors, every week we provide a new full body workout using both Boxercise and boot camp techniques. All sessions will be friendly, sociable, challenging but suitable for all fitness levels, and most importantly fun!

Our classes are a great way to –

  • Lift your mood
  • Have fun and socialise
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce body fat and tone up
  • Build self-esteem
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Improve your qualify of life

Times and Locations:

Greystones School : Monday and Wednesday 7-8pm

High Storrs School: Tuesday 7-8pm




Your first class with Jazzy B Fitness is FREE.

Standard prices are:

Boxercise:       £9.00 PAYG

Monthly plans are also available. Click the link you wish to join below to sign up to a monthly membership and start your fitness journey with Jazzy B Fitness!

(All membership payments will be taken on the first working day of the month by GoCardless. If you are joining after the 1st of the month, a pro-rata fee for your membership option will be created by go-cardless so you are able to join at any point of the month without any complications).


As you will be aware many fitness classes have strict contracts, be it 3 months, 6 months and most often 12 month contracts. I don’t believe in this as I know your circumstances can change so I feel strongly about having no contract meaning you can cancel at any time.

Please note, if you are wanting to cancel your membership at any point, whilst there is no contract, it’s extremely important that you confirm in writing with your full name at least 7 days before the end of the month. This is because payments are processed 3/4 working days before the end of the month, preventing me from changing them once it has been processed. At this point, you would need to cancel your direct debit directly with the bank to prevent payment being taken.