Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Client Reviews and Successes

“Before starting online coaching with Beth I felt heavy, tired and generally stuck in a rut and felt I have little control.

Starting online coaching (Online PT) in September, working with Beth has been very easy from the start. I had clear attainable goals from week 1.

The focus of the program for me has healthy eating, with a view to losing weight. Beth has plied me with so many inspirational, few ingredients, low-calorie recipes that I have really enjoyed trying. (I’m not even a fan of cooking!) I have been amazing as to how easily I have been able to eat well, whilst sticking to healthy calorie intake. But it hasn’t all been about food. Beth devised a course that really has been about “Personal” training. We have covered fitness programs – A Running program – Building up to be able to jog 10k! – As well as sleep, stress control, relaxation and general wellbeing.

I am so pleased with the results. I have so much more energy. I feel really excited about cooking and trying new recipes. I look and feel so much better and I now have the tools to make this a sustainable lifestyle.

If you are thinking about taking up online PT with Beth I would highly recommend it if you’re fed up of being stuck and want to feel great and achieve and sustain your goals.”

– Clare (2 Stones Lost)

“When I embarked on this journey I was feeling down, overweight and hated my body. I knew I needed to do something, but I couldn’t get my head around what.

I knew Beth through Boxercise and had realised she was offering her new online coaching, straight away knowing I knew Beth and loved her Boxercise classes, I felt I had to find out more.

After a really supportive conversation with Beth, I undertook the program. For me, time is always the issue due to work and young children, but this ideal. Beth listened to what I wanted to achieve and fitted everything around me and my life.

Just 6 weeks into the program I completely changed how I viewed food and upped my levels of exercise. I now enjoy running and some short weight training exercises in the comfort of my own home once the children are in bed.

I have now LOST 3 STONES and feel so much better about me, which make thing much better for my husband and children too.

Initially, I was worried about how I could manage to watch my calorie intake but Beth has supported me through this and now it has become normal to think about my food and what I eat each day. I can’t believe I didn’t do this before!

The exercise I am doing is fun and varied and on the days I don’t exercise, I miss it and can’t wait until the next session.

Being able to exercise in my own home and whatever time of day fits in with me and my family life is fantastic and a major reason as to why I am achieving with this program.

Beth is a great support and always on the other end of the phone. Our weekly calls are invaluable as we talk about things as a whole and what’s happening in my life that could be impacting on how I’m feeling and the results I am getting.

The big things for me are that I am still enjoying my favourite foods and can have treats when I want, but that I’m feeling better about who I am and it’s allowing me to give more to my family. I have more energy and my mindset if more positive. I finally feel like I have found a way of managing my weight that is sustainable and has become the norm so quickly and easily.

I could not have done this without the support of Beth so Thank you, Beth!

I am excited to continue enjoying my health and fitness journey.”

– Hannah (3 Stones Lost)

Some of what you get with online coaching

A clear 16 week goal

Access to the app (which is your go to place each day)

Unlimited contact (Monday to Friday)

Personalised meal plans (optional)

Coaching on how to eat your own way without having to follow meal plans forever but feel comfortable to go it alone at the end of the program.

you will be tracking all foods in the app which I will be tracking throughout to help keep you on track

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Fun effective Workouts specifically for you and your goals.

Weekly coaching calls for support. Adapting meals plans, workouts, emotional support

Breakfast recipes

Lunch recipes

Snack ideas

Tea recipes

Food tracking

Lifestyle questionnaires

Weekly forms to fill out prior to your call to let me know exactly how you’re feeling and where you need help and guidance each week

Weekly photos uploaded to the app

Weekly Weigh-in (this all saves in your app where I have access to keep on track with you.

Adapting workouts monthly or whenever you need

New meal plans weekly or whenever you need.

Daily emails for schedule reminders

Monitoring all Fitbit info & steps

It’s a life-changing program! Book a call today

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